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Band Saw Blade Sharpener


A Peripheral Equipment for Frame Saw​

Designed to Maximize Blade Service Life While Minimizing Blade Consumption.

  • The wet grinding feature assures extremely fine finish on teeth surfaces and greatly extends cutting period of sawblade.

  • Grinding amount adjustment is accurately indicated by dial gauges.

  • Variable grinding speed is controlled by frequency inverter.

  • The micro-computer control provides automatic and humanified opererations.

  • Electronic parts and circuit design meet CE standards.

  • Electronic parts feature multiple interference resistances and protections.


Band Saw Blade Sharpener

All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics shown in this catalog are subject to change without previous notice.


Band Saw Blade Sharpener


The G-25 Band Saw Blade Sharpener employs wet grinding method. It accommodates a diamond grinding wheel(SDC) or a CBN grinding wheel to achieve finer teeth surfaces effect and increased teeth life.

Band Saw Blade Sharpener


Easy to adjust front rake angle without affecting teeth profile andother adjustments.

Band Saw Blade Sharpener


High precision blade feed mechanism ensures accurate finegrinding, while reducing grinding loss to a minimum.

Band Saw Blade Sharpener


The machine is equipped with a oil mist collector. It avoids workingenvironment pollution and damage to personnel.

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