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Automatic Stellite Tipping Machine


Superior Quality Maximum Dependability of Performance

  • Employ advanced teeth forming technology for high speed operation and security without teeth breakage problem.

  • Designed for forming stellite saw teeth for saving blade cost.

  • Suitable for forming teeth of band saw and frame saw.

  • Fully automatic operation in combination with touch screen provide easy operation and increased efficiency.


All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics shown in this catalog are subject to change without previous notice.



Adjustable Forming Torch

The forming torch can be adjusted inup/down, front/rear and right/left directions. In addition, the blade support can be tilted to suit various tooth shapes.


Precision Teeth Feed

The high precision teeth feed mechanism permits micrometric adjustment of teeth feed position, resulting in high accuracy forming on the teeth tips.


Centralized Air Pressure and Cooling Water Flow Adjustment

All pneumatic parts and cooling water flow adjustment are centralized in a box and protected by a transparent cover.



Digital Readout

The blade support elevation is power operated, providing convenient adjustment to suit various thickness of blade. The blade support elevation can be set on a digital readout for added convenience and accuracy.

DC Inverter Power Supplier


  • Independent pilot arc power makes the welding machine ideal for continuous operation.

  • Stable arc eliminates affection on forming current regardless of distance variation between the forming torch and metal.

  • Minimum deformation for formed teeth.

  • IC+SCR provide stable arc and constant current output.


Water Cooler

The water cooler employs a high pressure pump for fast cooling the formed teeth.

PLC Control + Touch Screen

The machine is equipped with a PLC control combined with touch screen, providing easy learning and operation.

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